Monday, August 31, 2009

Minty Fresh

I PASSED!!!!!!!! The national registry test is done. I have rarely been so nervous before a test in my life. So now I can concentrate on my paramedic studies and start sending those job apps to every hospital and fire service that I can find.

Paramedic school is starting off slowly. The College, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to kick us up to the old campus. I guess they became tired of us putting the anatomical study skeletons in suggestive positions. Anyhoo, most of our practical time has been spent moving equipment. As to last weeks I.V. practical, I didn't get to stick anybody. Instead we were issued I.V. tubing and some catheter needles and sent home to practice. If I don't get to make someone bleed this week, I'm gonna stick myself and bleed on the instructors shoes.

1 comment:

DammitWomann said...

LOL - kinda eager are ya?

Just so ya know, I'm relieved to know we have a bonafide Paramedic on the porch now..........

Someone needs to be able to patch the boyz up when they misbehave