Thursday, September 24, 2009

I.V. Practice

So this our practice arm. Not bad as fake arms go. As you can see, it even has fake blood coursing thru it. Fake blood that will not come out of your clothes, as some of my unlucky teammates have discovered. I don't want to criticize the program, but for this area, what we need to practice on is fat arms. Most of the people I saw in clinicals did not have arms this nice. No big highway veins that just pop out at ya screaming stick me. No they either encased in layers of fat or on the arms of little old ladies who used to play bridge with Methuselah. Next week we test using the Paramedic Practical guides for scoring. THEN, we finally get to stick real people for a change. The scary part is we also start practicing endotracheal tubes next week. It just keeps rolling along.

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