Monday, September 14, 2009

This Is Hard!

There is far more knowledge to learn in Paramedic school than I would have thought. And this is just the preparatory stage. Basically it's everything I learned in EMT school plus. I've been trying to read every night, but going thru a divorce with a woman who doesn't want it to end is not a conducive reading environment. At least she is finally getting the fuck out of my house tonight. Did I mention I hate drunks.

Still haven't got to make anyone but myself bleed. At least they finally broke out the life like arm so we could at least pretend like we are sticking someone. Practical Instructor Man, PIM for short until he earns a nickname, say we can begin conicals in two weeks. I can't wait. Intubations in 20 hours of surgery and 55 hours in the ER trying to stick people.

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DammitWomann said...

Well, I am sorry about the timing of your divorce. Right now you could use some support and encouragement.

However, you will do fine - probably even MORE than fine actually! You do have some supporters here.

Keep up the good work!